We have developed solutions for various industries over the years.
All products are designed for custom requirements of the industry we cater to.

  • Motor Control Centers
  • Power Distribution Panel
  • Lighting Distribution Panel
  • Central AC Plant Panels
  • Direct On Line Starters
  • Star – Delta Starters
  • Auto-Transformer Starters
  • Soft Starters
  • Slip ring Motor Starter
  • Automatic & Manual Power Factor Correction Panels
  • Automatic Mains Failure Panel
  • DG Synchronization Panels
  • Load Sharing Panels DG Synchronization Panel
  • HT Breaker Control Relay Panels
  • PLC Panel for Car parking Ventilation, Process Automation, Machine Automation
  • VFD Panel
  • Machine Control Panels
  • Power Press Control panel
  • Pneumatic Machine Control Panel
  • Hydraulic Machine Control Panel
  • Boiler Control Panel
  • MIMIC Panels
  • Crane Control Panels
  • Thyristorised Furnace Control Panel
  • Dehumidifier Machine
  • Thyristorised Spot welding Machine